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Kids near Kasese, Uganda 9th March 2007

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Kids near Kasese, Uganda

The story behind "Kids near Kasese, Uganda"

Little kids were running around in the dusty but green villages near Kasese, at the foot of the Rwenzori mountains. Not many tourists come here and the children do not beg and are quite shy, even when wearing their best dresses.

I asked one of their mums if I could buy some bananas for them, but she did not have much ideas about the value of paper money. She could not tell me how much the little bag of bananas cost, so I gave her the smallest banknote I had. She came back a few moments with a big handful of different coins and held them out to me. I could pick my own change and so decide what the price was..

This naivety with regards to money was incredible and even more refreshing and nourishing than the bananas.

Shot with EOS3 on Provia Slide film in February 2005, scanned later.

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