View from Camp 3 on Everest, Tibet 7th December 2006

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    Waiting an extra 24 hours in the death zone I would not wish for anyone. But maybe it was worth it for this shot? Beautiful!

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    This shot is magic. You are really lucky to have been there.
    By the way, how does the camera behave in such a cold weather ? Did you have to protect it in special ways ?

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    Thanks MC & Regis. Actually the camera body worked fine and is rugged enough to handle some abuse, problem is the battery, which you have to keep on your body until the moment you actually shoot. And of course take care about the lenses fogging up or catching snow and rocks :-)

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    Jeff Ambrose:

    By far the greatest from the tent picture I have ever seen.

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View from Camp 3 on Everest, Tibet