Mount Everest from BaseCamp, Tibet 19th May 2009

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    Jean - OurExplorer Tour Guide:

    Congratulations on the new book. Everest, dream of many mountain climbers.

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    US Pictures:

    This picture of Mt Everest is really breathtaking!
    I have heard that an Everest expedition is very expensive.
    You need to pay for health and care service and food but the better part is that will lose about 2,000 calories when climbing Mt. Everest.

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    wonderfull image. Congratulations for the book. Greets, Sebastian

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    Abhijit Dharmadhikari:

    Congrats for the book. I would like to buy it in India.

    This is a lovely north-face image. Loved the polarized sky color. Did you use a polarizer filter?

    admin Reply:

    @Abhijit Dharmadhikari, Thanks! No i used no filters, it is processed in photoshop & LightRoom. You can get the book in many online stores.

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    Your book looks very good! I will get it from my book shop in town.

    Mount Everest The British Story

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    how do u manage to get such great clicks…do u hike them to shoot or fly to an upclose location?

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    Nathalie Trouveroy:

    What a great site! We\'ve trekked a lot in the same places (though not in South America), so I felt happily at home going through your pictures. We\'ve just moved to Moscow, it was a lovely surprise to discover how much colour you managed to find here, too… Shall keep track of your moves!

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    One of the most beautiful Everest photos I\'ve seen. I\'ve visited Everest BC from the nepal side and it was impressive but this view is even better.
    Is it Changtse in the front ?

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    Piet Osefius:

    This is a beautiful composition, the light and contrast is great!

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    Phil Hawley:

    Fantastic image, the detail and composition are both amazing.

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    Jacob S. Jensen:

    Amazing shot! The light is perfect on this one. Really nice composition as well :-)

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Mount Everest from BaseCamp, Tibet