Makalu from Mount Everest after sunrise 12th December 2011

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    Abhijit Dharmadhikari:

    Divinely beautiful!
    I liked this image…tack sharp! Excellent depth..lovely colors!

    I am curious to know how you took care of your camera batteries at such an abnormally low temperature!
    Any special technique to keep the batteries charged up?

    Picture taken from the third step? Well! It means you started from the North side (Tibet), right!?
    If you have a wide-angle image of the ‘second step’ shot from the famous Chinese ladder, I’d like to see! I heard it’s terrifying! :-)

    Thanks for sharing beautiful images!

    admin Reply:

    @Abhijit Dharmadhikari, Thank you Abhijit! Much appreciated. Maybe I will write a separate post about photographing at altitude and in the cold, but the basic answer is: keep the batteries inside (warm), use Lithium batteries where possible and don’t use any screen, image stabilizer etc unless necessary.

    I actually do have a nice picture of the 2nd Step, which I will add sometime :)

    Thanks, Harry

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    Soo beautiful!

    admin Reply:

    @Liesbeth, Dank je wel!

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    Awesome view!

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    David Urmann:

    I have been to the base camp twice but never any higher. So this gave me a perspective I always wanted to see – Amazing picture.

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    pretty nice perspective. can’t imagine that you that higher than these mountains.

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    i absolutely like the second shot better! the light is soft, golden and perfect. nice work

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    Trond Alhou:

    Of all the mountain pictures I have ever seen, this (and its twin) is the most beautiful. Some luck with the cloud layer appearing like an ocean around the peaks no doubt. But the composition with Kangchenjunga in the distance and the clearity and lighting is amazing. You have other amazing photos from Everest and elsewhere, but this is one is a masterpiece.

    admin Reply:

    Thank you very much for your kind words Trond, much appreciated. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to see and share this.

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    Your photo is truly amazing and spectacular. I stared at the photo for awhile. I just love it so much. Have you climbed to Makalu?

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Mike! I climbed Everest, ‘next door’, but not Makalu, which would be a great climb as well!

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    Wow !!!!!!! Amazing landscape !

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Makalu from Mount Everest after sunrise