No photo 19th July 2007

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    You rebel! There\'s something about doing something that your not supposed to.

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    Love it, Harry! Have a fantastic time in Russia. Look forward to your new photographs!

  3. 3

    I really , really , really mis my daily glimp to the world. :-P

  4. 4

    the first thing came to my mind is that you have a headache, doing something illegal in the land that belongs to the people that put rules for their country, so you want to get punish, in your idea that sign its not neccessary at all and stupid for such a place but you are not chinese and its just excuse. in my idea its not a brave action its illigal. FYI in iran a jurnalist did the same precisely like you, took her to jail and killed her in jail accidentally, I want to invite you to iran for taking such kind of photos, do you dare to do same in iran Harry? I could help you for visa formality to see your …. I dont know what call the motivation for such an action, bravery or stuborny or anything else.

  5. 5

    That sucks, seeing signs like that doesn\'t it? I noticed that a lot of public areas in Singapore and Malaysia had the same restrictions… But shooting from the hip still adds a surprise aspect to photography.. :)

    I\'m back from my honeymoon now, and I have a bunch of photos to sort through and then maybe a few to publish.. I miss Malaysia already, but it\'s still good to be back..

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