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View from High camp of Denali to Mt Foraker 30th January 2007

4 Responses to “View from High camp of Denali to Mt Foraker”

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    Stunning! I think I will be ending my 7summits with Kosiusko. It was a sniff at less that a third of this climb.

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    Stunning photo. I hope someday to set foot on this mountain. I look forward to seeing more from you!

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    Of all the 7 summits, I think Everest and Denali host the most spectacular views. Although the views from all of the mountains in the world usually are not bad!!!

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    Jeff Ambrose:

    Love the view.

View from High camp of Denali to Mt Foraker

The story behind "View from High camp of Denali to Mt Foraker"

Denali is the highest mountain of North America, situated in Alaska, not so far south of the polar circle. Though much lower than the Himalayan giants (Denali is 6194m or 20,320ft), the fact that the massif rises from the near to sea level plains, makes it appear at least as huge. From here you can see a large part of the standard West Buttress route, from the Medical camp at the bottom of the picture to the large Kahiltna glacier leading to the left, past the 4th highest mountain in the USA: Mount Foraker.

Climbing can be impossible during one of the many storms, but when the weather is like this, it can look deceptively easy. It is not :-)
Only when looking down from highpoints like this, you can actually see the route and realize how close you have walked along or even across huge crevasses. As with many things in life: you need to take risks to get higher, in order to be able to view back down; even if you do not realize it.

Shot with EOS3 using 15-30mm Sigma lense, shot on Kodachrome 64 slidefilm.

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