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Denali from Eielson Visitor center 28th November 2006

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    Amazingly clear, being that this was not shot as a slide. I love the different shades of brown smaller peaks leading up to the snow covered peaks.

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    Toxic Lens:

    Man, did you shoot this through a telescope? I couldn\'t even see Denali from Eielson… It was cloudy that day though.

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    ferenc ecseki:

    magnificent! damn nice composition as well (meaning the amount of sky!!! which many photographers mess up .. I think)

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Denali from Eielson Visitor center

The story behind "Denali from Eielson Visitor center"

After climbing Denali n June 2003 we had some time left as it took us only 13 days to go up and down and we had planned to stay in Alaska at least 3.5 weeks. This is definitely no punishment as Alaska is beautiful.
After visiting Valdez, Fairbanks, the Polar circle and some other places we ended up at the Denali Park, to see the mountain as tourists. We took a organized bus that drove us past wild sheep and even some distant bears. Suddenly Denali was visible, which apparently was strange from this side and the guide/driver asked to all the people in the bus: Who has ever seen the mountain before?
Sheepishly we raised our hands and mentioned that we just came off it, which brought instant 15 minutes of fame :)

Eielson visitor centre is one of the stops and though Denali is still over 60km away from here, the view is amazing. Though Denali is only 6194m high, the surrounding plans are close to sealevel, making it one of the highest rises in the world. The right peak on the image is the lower North Peak, the real (south) summit is just in the clouds.

Though I shot all slides on the mountain on Kodachrome 64, this one was shot on provia 100 and scanned later. June/July 2003

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