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Summit of K2 above the clouds 12th November 2006

4 Responses to “Summit of K2 above the clouds”

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    WOW…takes my breath away. Best photo I have seen of K2. The sense of power is overwhelming! Great shot!!!

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    Meravigliosa montagna!

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    i hope its ok if i borrow this picture to write a poem on in and put it up on my blog.
    I will put your name at the bottom of the pic. Its calling me is all i can say when i look at her..i will climb her once…if i die doing it i wont care, i wont blink, i wont curse my fate.. I will get over my cold problems and climb her that is all i have to say.

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    Its makes us aware of Allah\'s power and greatness. Its mind blowing….fabulous… i dont hav words to express its beauty

Summit of K2 above the clouds

The story behind "Summit of K2 above the clouds"

K2 or Mount Godwin Austen or Qogir; Chinese: 乔戈里峰, Pinyin: Qiáogēlǐ Fēng; other names include Lambha Pahar (“Tall Mountain” in Urdu), Qaumi Pahar (“National Mountain” in Pakistani Kashmir) Dapsang, Kechu, and Chogori, which means “The King of the Mountains.”

The mountain is the 2nd highest in the world, after Everest, and is 8611m high (28,251ft). But it is much more difficult and dangerous, even the ‘easiest’ route is not safe from avalanches and is very steep on average and the mountain has taken many lives, including those of famous climbers.

We were on our way to Chogolisa basecamp when we passed ‘Concordia’, a crossroad of huge glaciers, overlooked by giants like Gasherbrum IV, Broad Peak and K2. K2 -the ‘K’ stands for Karakoram, the range- is really impressive as the glacier is already about 4300m high, but standalone mountain doubles that height. No-one will ever conquer K2, maybe she lets people visit her for a short while…

Many times in the clouds, it just peaked out for a few moments and I could quickly take this shot of the evening light shining on the summit. Scanned from Provia slide, shot July 2004 with EOS 3.

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