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Lincoln Hall on a yak after rescue on Everest 24th January 2007

5 Responses to “Lincoln Hall on a yak after rescue on Everest”

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    Jeff Ambrose:

    I couldnt imagine being given up for dead in the death zone only to survive, what an amazing feeling it must be.

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    This was the story of 2006 on Everest. Dan Mazur, his clients and sherpas are definite heroes.
    I also love this picture. Beautiful colors and composition!

    (Harry:)Thanks MC & Jeff. Though I must stress that it were the 7summits Sherpas who did the rescue. Without them Dan would not be a hero but would have been criticized for letting a person die, it is a thin line between fame and misfortune..

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    Harry…I did not phrase the above message properly, my apologies. (Dan Mazur only had one sherpa with him.) I absolutely know that it was the sherpas who saved Lincoln Halls life. I actually listed each one of their names on the open forum under the News-Lincoln alive post. They are the unsung heroes.
    Here are their names:
    1. Nima Wangde Sherpa
    2. Passang Sherpa
    3. Furba Rushakj Sherpa
    4. Dawa Tenzing Sherpa
    5. Dorjee Sherpa
    6. Mingma Sherpa
    7. Mingma Dorjee Sherpa
    8. Pemba Sherpa
    9. Pemba Nuru Sherpa
    10. Passang Gaylgen Sherpa
    11. Lakcha Sherpa.

    Also Jangbu Sherpa, who was with Dan, Myles and Andrew when Lincoln was originally found near the 2nd step.

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    I was just reading about this coincidentally. Your picture really brought it to life for me. Truly an amazing story… (Beautiful picture, too. Definitely worth a thousand words.)

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    Such a powerful image.. Great capture and nicely composed..

  • Canon EOS 5D
  • 0.000 s (1/2500) (1/2500)
  • f/4.5
  • aperture priority (semi-auto)
  • 100
  • 2006:05:28 10:52:08
  • matrix
  • 135.00 (135/1)
  • Auto Exposure
Lincoln Hall on a yak after rescue on Everest

The story behind "Lincoln Hall on a yak after rescue on Everest"

Australian climber Lincoln Hall, descends back into basecamp of Everest on the back of a yak, accompanied by doctor Andrey Selivanov, who treated him at 7000m altitude.

Lincoln was presumed dead after his summit on May 25th, but found alive next morning and a large team of Sherpas took him down to safety…

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