Chogolisa Basecamp, Pakistan 17th December 2006

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    Wow, really beautiful! I love the splash of color on white and the moon is a great addition to the composition. All around, great capture!

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    One of those pictures that really make you want to go there. Ah well, at home the nights are freezing and the mornings are crisp and clear, maybe I\'ll camp outside for a night…

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    Jeff Ambrose:

    Excellent shot, any idea on the length of exposure?

    Thanks, Jeff. I am not sure anymore, but likely it was either 30 seconds (the max normal time of the EOS3) or a few minutes as I also was carrying my remote control.

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    Ashish Sidapara:


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    The colors in this picture are pure magic !

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    LOVE this shot! The lighting is superb. Colors are stunning. And the composition is perfect…well done!

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    Gorgeous…. Thanks

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    looks cold! like photo Friday? try PHOTO SUNDAY at:

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Chogolisa Basecamp, Pakistan