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President Barack Obama’s kiss – Yes we can. 5th November 2008

5 Responses to “President Barack Obama’s kiss – Yes we can.”

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    Now he just needs the show the american people that he is the right person for the job!

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    glad you are back. your photos are worth the wait.

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    Simone Panattoni:

    i think take a picture of a great moment… just watching tv is simply genial idea!!
    i have scrolled all your galleries: i have a new great teacher to follow!
    great great great !

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    East Liverpool:

    Great picture of a great moment! You take some awesome photographs and they should inspire everyone

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    Travel Guy:

    It is nice to see that Americans are becoming optimistic again.

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President Barack Obama’s kiss – Yes we can.

The story behind "President Barack Obama’s kiss – Yes we can."

So tonight, let us ask ourselves – if our children should live to see the next century; if my daughters should be so lucky to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What progress will we have made?

Watching the finale of this global game on TV from a cold room in Seattle was special. Though I am not a citizen of the USA, the outcome of the much-debated elections will influence my life and seeing Mr Obama speak eloquently as ever made me feel good.

Congratulations for President Barack Obama, for defeating the odds, for appealing to the youth, for already making us forget ‘Dubya’ even though he is still in office. Let’s hope that this administration will make the world a safer place, instead of endangering it for everybody. Yes, we can. Let’s hope focus will switch to opening minds, to love instead of hate, curiosity instead of fear. Yes, we can…
The moment depicted above, where Barack kissed his beautiful wife Michelle (credits CNN tv) gave me hope; even when the world changed and the eyes of billions were upon him, Mr Obama did not forget what it all comes down to…

And by the way, hats off for Senator John McCain, who gave one of the best speeches I have heard.

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