Girl playing with rocks, Phakding, Nepal 13th December 2006

5 Responses to “Girl playing with rocks, Phakding, Nepal”

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    Fantastic photo. One of my new favorites. Well done!!!

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    One of my favorites, too! And thank you for the commentary — I really needed this message today. Clarity is always nice.

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    Wonderful shot. The color of her clothing against the rocks and dirt around her is great. But it\'s the true joy that comes through in her smile that makes this such a special photo.

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    Niladri Mukherjee, India:

    I\'ve just loved this pix, the inocent bright face & candid expression of joy in her face. Really really awesom pix & Gr8 photography. Just Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ferenc ecseki:

    beautiful innocent face … great colors .. you might have lost the rock tossing game but got the photo! :)

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Girl playing with rocks, Phakding, Nepal