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Fake Prada on the Bridge of Angels in Rome 28th December 2006

2 Responses to “Fake Prada on the Bridge of Angels in Rome”

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    Great contrast of how culture has changed throughout our history. I 100 percent agree with your commentary. Thankfully, there are still some of us who crave the art of sculpting, architecture & building!

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    I agree too with your views. \'Tis the rampant monster of capitalism no less which drives powers this insanity. All over the world beautiful traditions and cultures are being crushed as we head towards a vast homogenous monoculture of McDonalds, Pepsi Cola and all that useless tripe. Long live fields and trees!!! I came across your site the other day, and was spellbound. The photos are fantastic, and your commentaries really add a lot to them as well. Thanks.

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  • matrix
  • 23.00 (23/1)
  • Auto Exposure
Fake Prada on the Bridge of Angels in Rome

The story behind "Fake Prada on the Bridge of Angels in Rome"

2000 years of culture meet here in a wink. With the backdrop of the round Castel Sant’Angelo and the Ponte Sant’Angelo -better known as the Bridge of Angels-, African Immigrants try to make a buck by quickly placing their goods on the curb.
Fake Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton are sold for the actual usability value and not for the marketing value, about a hundred times more.

Though it is nice to see that some poor people can make some money from the ridiculous marketing activities of these brands and other poorer people can also buy one of these bags too if they want, it is sad to see how culture has changed in 2 millennia. Is this progress, where the art of sculpting and architecture & building – both without any motorised tools – has been replaced by the craving for branded goods and the creating & selling of cheap fakes to still that hunger?

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