Russia for sale at Red Square 11th September 2007

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    Josef Renklint:

    It\'s funny how Russia with its previously deep-rooted anti-materialistic views could turn over so fast. Now it\'s materialism without safety-harnesses, which I think is far more dangerous for the people than any other ideology. Good shot, filled to the brim with contrasts.

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    Well, the whole world is about materialism, not only Russia. You gotta have money whereever you live. Certainly, contrast is more striking in Russia than in western countries.

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    Well, USSR is over.
    Idealism, beliefs in "world revolution", priority of society interests, etc. are over.
    It\'s a democracy and capitalism now !
    Jungle capitalism! Without money you\'re not a person.

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    >Josef. Its funny how *western people* always so confident and think they know everything, especially about Russia. You even cannot imagine how complicated and incomprehensible this country is, so why to judge about things that you cannot know for sure?

    (HK) Lucy, thanks for your commentaries, but they assume some wrong things. First of all I am not ‘Western People’, that is generalizing. Secondly, if you have read my commentaries well, you would know that I hate capitalism and consumerism. I just do not think that communism worked out very well, either, especially as nw it is reulting in the same consumerism.

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Russia for sale at Red Square