More Cathedral domes in the Kremlin 12th September 2007

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    Josef Renklint:

    Great shot and beautiful postprocessing.

  2. 2
    gentse koppen:

    wow – just great

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    wow great processing and light!

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    As an artist I love your shots Harry, they are really wonderful. But as a Russian I cannot accept a bit of irony and arrogance that I can feel in SOME of your commentaries. You sound like capitalism is the greatest ever thing (which is actually not) Well, up to you to think so… Nevertheless, the truth is that for Russia capitalism DOES NOT work and will never do, as well as *naked* materialism does not. The core of this country is SPIRIT and always was. And not EVERYBODY *wants to consume*…

    Just our impressions are not enough to claim anything. Should be experience instead. It is impossible to get to know any country in just a few weeks, especially such complex, mysterious and unique country like Russia. To *feel* it the one should be living here quite long time. So please, dont hurry to make conclusions.

    Still thank you very much for the nice exhibition of true art. Best of luck :)

    (HK) Lucy, thanks for your commentaries, but they assume some wrong things. First of all I am not ‘Western People’, that is generalizing. Secondly, if you have read my commentaries well, you would know that I hate capitalism and consumerism. I just do not think that communism worked out very well, either, especially as nw it is reulting in the same consumerism.

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More Cathedral domes in the Kremlin