Happy Valentine: blooming cardon cactus in Baja California 14th February 2011

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    New York Wedding Photographers:

    I always find the best pictures on this site!

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    really nice shot :-) love the crop you did here.

    ExposedPlanet Reply:

    @Ovidiu, Thanks for your comments. Cropping is always one of the first things I do and one of the most important things!

    ovidiu Reply:

    @ExposedPlanet, sorry for the double comment here, the first didn’t appear so I tried again :-)
    I’m a beginner, still learning and that is one of the things I need to learn: crop and do not be afraid of what is missing in the picture…

    I am currently browsing the net searching for some inspirational websites :-)

    ExposedPlanet Reply:

    @ovidiu, No problem, hope you find EP inspirational!
    The best shots are always taken with fixed lenses, like this 135mm fixed. But that also means that you have less flexibility with regards to composition as you cannot zoom in. Fortunately, with the current cameras you have a lot of extra megapixels, so you can take off distracting bits and focus on your subject. The shot above was actually a portrait-oriented shot, but that was quite boring, so I took just this section, which I found more appealing.

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    great shot. I really like the framing :-)

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    Josef Renklint:

    Nice shot as usually Harry, I love the different tones of green in this one. Nice capture!

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    Kevin Mullins:

    Lovely image. The colour across the frame, the crop and the vignette all make it a wonderful capture.

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Happy Valentine: blooming cardon cactus in Baja California