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United Airlines Rainbow at Chicago O Hare airport 13th April 2007

7 Responses to “United Airlines Rainbow at Chicago O Hare airport”

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    Jeff Ambrose:

    Right place, right time. Nicely done.

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    It\'s Chicago! You can see the red hilton hotel sign behind the terminal. :)

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    Wow, looks like an advertisement!

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    Phenomenal shot! Best photo I have ever seen of a runway at an airport.

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    beautiful mix of nature and industry

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    Another Jason:

    Confirmation that it Chicago O\'Hare

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    ExposedPlanet via Pete Delosreyes:

    Comment by email:
    From: Pete Delosreyes
    Message: The pictures that you posted about the rainbow in washington dulles airport is WRONG it is supposed to titled rainbow in chicago o’hare airport because that is the right place were that picture was taken to be exact gate c-9 in terminal 1

    Thanks for the note Pete. It was already confirmed by ‘Another Jason’, but now I also changed the title of the page (though the title on the image will remain wrong until I have a lot of time on my hands :)

United Airlines Rainbow at Chicago O Hare airport

The story behind "United Airlines Rainbow at Chicago O Hare airport"

I really cannot remember if this was at Washington Dulles or Chicago airport, anyone?
UPDATE: as a few people have pointed out in the comments, this is actually in Chicago. I changed the title of the post, but the wrong title will remain on teh photo, you will need to ignore this :)

Anyway, it was during a trip with many stopovers a few years ago and here I had to wait a few hours extra as a giant thunderstorm successfully tried to keep all planes grounded. While everybody was looking sleepily at their feet and at the numerous Delayed notices at the screens, I was watching the planes outside and suddenly saw this rainbow appear for only a minute or so, perfectly framing the United Airlines plane that was taxiing…

I am not advocating flight travel and always try to offset my polluting actions, but sometimes the combination of nature and those who are destroying her come of with visually surprising combinations :)

Shot on provia slide with Canon Eos 3 through the glass of the terminal window, I think in June 2003

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