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Prayer flags at Lung La Pass, Tibet 10th November 2006

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  • Canon EOS 5D
  • 0.000 s (1/8000) (1/8000)
  • f/2.0
  • aperture priority (semi-auto)
  • 100
  • 2006:04:16 06:40:53
  • matrix
  • 135.00 (135/1)
  • Auto Exposure
Prayer flags at Lung La Pass, Tibet

The story behind "Prayer flags at Lung La Pass, Tibet"

When climbing Mount Everest from the Tibet side, you have the luxury to be able to drive all the way to BAsecamp. On the way from Nyalam to dusty village of Tingri you will pass this first 5000m high pass, the Lung La, La means pass.

Besides great views over the Himalayas including the closest 8000-er Xixabangma, the place is known for its thousands of prayerflags and scarfs. As mentioned in a previous post the prayer written on it has a deep meaning and is the core of all Buddhist chanting and praying. Alec le Sueur called them Airmiles in his excellent book 5 years in Tibet, Running a hotel on the roof of the world and that is actually a fitting name as -in short, I know- the more you collect, the better your next life will be :)

Every time one of the flags blows in the wind, one more mile is earned, so the smartest place to put them is on the high windy passes, like this wonderful place. You will feel the altitude when coming from Nepal which adds to the sensation of being allowed to stand in such a place.
Shot with extreme high shutterspeed to freeze the blowing flags and to prevent my hand from freezing at the same time :)

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