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Khumjung (3): Class V, Hillary school 25th March 2007

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    You\'re dead right about education and military spending. I heard a quote recently from George Monbiot who said "The central mystery of the modern state is this. The necessary resources, both economic and political, will always be found for the purpose of terminating life. The project of preserving it will always struggle. When did you last see a soldier shaking a tin for a new rifle? Or a sponsored marathon raising money for nuclear weapons? But we must beg and cajole each other for funds whenever a hospital wants a new dialysis machine. If the money and determination expended on waging war with Iraq had been used to tackle climate change, our carbon emissions would already be in freefall. If as much money were spent on foreign aid as on fighter planes, no one would ever go hungry." How true…

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    Yes , you\'re right about the weaponthing.
    But the most important thing is , that there is a least a place to educate those children.

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Khumjung (3): Class V, Hillary school

The story behind "Khumjung (3): Class V, Hillary school"

You do not need fancy buildings to educate people. This is the entrance to the 5th grade in the Hillary School, founded in 1961 by Edmund Hillary in the small town of Khumjung. It might look simple, but it was life changing for the Sherpa people.

While in the western world hardly any schools exist anymore that do not have a gun control checkpoint that can rival with airport security, the schools over here are filled with kids who just want a chance to learn and be educated. A lot of schools could have been built from the money spent on space shields and nuclear testing…

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