Patagonia: glaciers in Argentina, campo de hielo sur. Soon to be destroyed… 30th March 2007

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    Jeff Ambrose:

    Why not just pave it over when they are done? World\'s largest parking lot. All in the name of dollars.

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    Who needs the earth anyway – money lasts for ever, and our kids can eat it when we\'re dead…

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    ferenc ecseki:

    really great photo .. sad story .. even places like this will be disgraced???

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    The photo is impressive. I would like the comment to be more accurate: the "Campo de hielo" is indeed in Patagonia (South of Argentina and Chile) most of it in Argentinian side. The Huasco Valley is in the North (most in Chilean side). The distance between those spots is bigger than 2000 km!!!! So they are much further than San Diego is from Seattle (to get an idea to people living in USA). We are talking about two very different places.

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    I too am opposed to the Pascua Lama Project but for specifically for the reasons than you mention above.

    There are also some factual errors in your write up that you may wish to correct … 1) I\'m 99.9% sure that the glacier shown in your photo is Grey Glacier in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and not in Glaciares Park in Argentina. 2) Campos de Hielo Norte covers about 4,000 sq km and is located entirely in Chile and Campo de Hielo Sur covers approximately 17,000 sq km and approximately 80%+ is located in Chile (you can get some facts here … 3) the glaciers involved in the Pascua-Lama project while they may or may not be important to local farmers are MUCH smaller alpine glaciers — not ice fields and are just a couple of sq km or so, and more importantly are nowhere neat the Campo de Hielo which is nearly 3,000 km away. Sadly both Campo de Hielo fields in Patagonia are threatened, but by the much larger problem of global warming and not this mining project in the far away Central Andes.

    Thanks for publicizing this issue, but I think the argument is much more effective when the facts are dead on.


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Patagonia: glaciers in Argentina, campo de hielo sur. Soon to be destroyed…