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Sweet Dessert in Cuzco, Peru, the joy of food 5th October 2010

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    ps: Some people asked me if I had ‘aged’ the photo. The scratches that can be seen were not added by me, it is because the ‘postres’ were displayed behind a protective layer of plexiglass :)

  • Canon EOS 5D
  • 0.005 s (1/200) (1/200)
  • f/2.8
  • aperture priority (semi-auto)
  • 640
  • 2008:01:11 18:45:41
  • matrix
  • 50.00 (50/1)
  • Auto Exposure
Sweet Dessert in Cuzco, Peru, the joy of food

The story behind "Sweet Dessert in Cuzco, Peru, the joy of food"

Yes, ExposedPlanet is still alive :)

Thanks for your patience, time has flown by the past years and I have been very busy doing many things, including shooting a lot of new pictures and organizing old ones. I climbed many mountains, cycled half way around the world and met a lot of interesting people, while always carrying my camera… I have learned a lot more about the world and its people and places and am looking forward to sharing more with you.

I also learned a lot about food by the way…

So if you are still there (hello…?), be prepared as soon there will be some new images coming of people and places of this small planet. Hopefully it will feel like a sweet dessert, like the one pictured in this post. In the highlands in Peru, you see a lot of people walking on the streets, happily carrying, eating and enjoying icecream, cakes and jelly in assorted colours, enjoying as they go.

Here is an interesting fact about sweet desserts from Michael Pollen:

A few years ago, Paul Rozin, a University of Pennsylvania psychologist, and Claude Fischler, a French sociologist, began collaborating on a series of cross-cultural surveys of food attitudes. They found that of the four populations surveyed (the U.S., France, Flemish Belgium and Japan), Americans associated food with health the most and pleasure the least.

Asked what comes to mind upon hearing the phrase “chocolate cake,” Americans were more apt to say “guilt,” while the French said “celebration”; “heavy cream” elicited “unhealthy” from Americans, “whipped” from the French. The researchers found that Americans worry more about food and derive less pleasure from eating than people in any other nation they surveyed. Compared with the French, we’re much more likely to choose foods for reasons of health, and yet the French, more apt to choose on the basis of pleasure, are the healthier (and thinner) people.

(Read more about this matter on his blog and in his excellent and recommended book ‘In Defense of Food (aff)’.)

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