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Mother & son selling bracelets, Guatemala, stock photography by


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Mother & son selling bracelets, Guatemala 1st February 2007

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    Kiliii Yu:

    I agree, Harry about the structural measures. Our US \'free trade\' is killing and has been killing Latin America for quite some time now. The sad part about sending the boy to school is that he will be learning new skills that might get him away from the poverty and violence in his life, but also not learning the skills that would have been handed down to him by his ancestors, skills of the land and of community etc…

    I\'ve been wondering lately more about taking a rangefinder or cheaper equipment when I revisit South America next time, as flashing a camera is never good for public relations in South America…

Mother & son selling bracelets, Guatemala

The story behind "Mother & son selling bracelets, Guatemala"

The mother is counting out a number of the simple woven bracelets before she hands them to her son. He will then try to sell them and bring back the money. Of course these children should be at school, but it is better than begging.
Unfortunately most children cannot even do simple mathematics and it is mostly up to the buyer how much money will be paid as most of the children have no clue.

I still have some handmade fridge-magnets in my house as some of these children are irresistible. Some naive part of me hopes that my money will have send him to school for a day, but my smarter part knows that we need more structural measures to turn Guatemala back from poverty and violence to the paradise that is really is underneath.

Shot with Eos 500n and some cheapo zoomlens, likely the old Sigma 75-300, shot on Kodachrome film in 2000.

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