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Happy 2011 part 2: Amigos from the Galapagos: Can we just be friends?Marine iguana relaxing in the sun, Galapagos IslandsHarpy Eagle, Support the Belize Zoo, Hummingbird feeding in Baja CaliforniaThe Jellyfish quarter at the Monterery AquariumCaribou near Prudhoe Bay, AlaskaHardworking Girls in the field, TibetMeat market in Kislovodsk, RussiaRussian cattle farmerMount Elbrus, Russia from the NorthAlpine meadowSnowy yak in TibetDutch farm with Tulip fieldsPatagonia: Happy feet, pinguin hole in oneChild in Tibet with Buddhist deer hatParking space in Taschi Dzom, TibetRunning Karibu in Denali park, AlaskaGuanaco and Torres del PaineMagellan Penguins on Magdalena Island, ChileTibetan Chickensoup